lørdag 3. april 2010

Some serious workout is required!!

I am back from a week in the sun, and it has been lovely! After such an incredible long winter, we all desperately needed some sun :) However, it is always such a pain to be made very aware of ones body after yet another year of neglect... All those really nice holiday pics would have been soooo much better if only.... Well, I have invested in Wii Nintendo and the game: Active sport - which by the way is really good, when you have kids and it is difficult to find a babysitter for every workout class at the gym! - So, come May, and I will have lost at least those 4 very very annoying kilos that are all placed strategically in the oh' so wrong place :( I am just going to wait until after Easter, before I get started......

Meantime, here are som photos of my precious little prince :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. What great photos! He's absolutely adorable! Glad that you had a nice vacation and welcome back. Oh and I so here you about neglecting your body. It's just starting to warm up now and I'm not happy about showing off any of my body. I'm off to the gym! :)